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“A masterful volume of poems that captures the sensuality of love in two languages”- Kirkus Reviews. 

This is my first bilingual, English-Spanish book. The concept of this book started a long time ago, inspired by a poem written by Walt Whitman: “Out of of the Rolling Ocean the Crowd”. Born during the corona virus pandemic, the book’s main theme and source of inspiration in these challenging times, is Love in all of its multiple manifestations, as a force capable of transforming the individual and the world. “Poems of Love” was written in the context of the vibrant beauty of the California Central Coast, the overwhelming energy that characterizes New York City, and the tranquil amazing splendor of the Northern Catskill Mountains. 

This book is available on the internet and in bookstores, domestically and abroad.





Kirkus Reviews: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/viviana-hall/poems-of-love/

or click Hall – Kirkus Review


This book is a selection of poetry written since my arrival to New York City.   At times, the poems included in this book, act as the silent witnesses of a metropolis of tremendous contrasts, placing at its center the human being and its various circumstances.  In 1982 when this book was published, I produced, wrote, and hosted in New York, a daily TV Spanish language public service program, which became very popular. At this time, I also wrote a weekly counseling column in the Spanish language newspaper of major circulation in the city. The book sold very well with the exception of a few I still conserve. I am completing the translation work of this book and will seek publication towards an English-Spanish bilingual edition.

MIEDOS (FEARS) - 2nd Edition

In 1979, I arrived in New York acting as a press correspondent. The exposure to the unparalleled mosaic of cultures, races, ethnicity, and the overwhelming energy that characterizes this Metropolis, was an enormous source of inspiration for my work as a journalist and my poetry. This was in fact the main force leading to the re-edition of this book in New York in 1982 and the book Poemas del Cielo y de la Tierra (Poems of Heaven and Earth) included in this book.

MIEDOS (FEARS) - 1st Edition

This is my first book of poetry. It was published in my native Buenos Aires in 1977, a controversial time for Argentina. The book contains poetry inspired by different sources and recurrent themes, such as the times we lived, the nature and purpose of our existence, the search for Love, and the recognition of the existence of a higher consciousness. The book  prologue was written by renowned writer Cesar Tiempo and illustrated by the celebrated painter Santiago Cogorno. Just three books remain from this first edition. I am currently working in the translation of this book into the English language towards the publication of a bilingual English-Spanish language. edition.   

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Ann Stevens
Ann Stevens
3 years ago

Great fun site

3 years ago

A website full of art and life

Danny Cooper
Danny Cooper
2 years ago

Got your last book, no doubt, Love is what we need!