Viviana Hall is an Argentine born poet, journalist, and clinical social worker. Her first book of poems “Miedos” was published in Buenos Aires in 1977.  As a press correspondent she moved to New York,  where in 1982 her book “Poemas del Cielo y de la Tierra”, and a re-edition of “Miedos” were published. Her up-coming book, “Poems of Love”, a bilingual English-Spanish edition currently in production, will be shortly available on line and in bookstores domestically and abroad. About her work, acclaimed writer Cesar Tiempo said:

“Viviana’s poetry reconciles us with hope, one of the few  movements of the soul capable of battling despair”   

As a journalist, Ms. Hall produced, wrote, and hosted for New York Broadcast TV numerous documentaries, public service and variety programs, work that earned her various prestigious awards.  She also wrote locally and abroad for several major publications.

As a social worker, during the last two decades, she collaborated with New York State developing programs for disadvantaged youth. 

Viviana is an advocate for social justice and world peace. She is a firm believer in the enormous potential of every human being to transform itself and the world we live in.

An avid traveler, when not attending International Congresses, she spends her time between New York and the California Central Coast, where she continues her work.